Content Localisation Leader

We are looking for an Content Localisation Leader to join our team and to help us make sport accessible for the people in Sweden.
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Decathlon Sweden is entering in another different step in its evolution. With our four stores in Stockholm Metropole - Kungens Kurva, Barkarby, Uppsala and Mall of Scandinavia and our Digital Platform, now it’s time to enter in another phase of our project in Sweden.


1. I guarantee that the translations for my country are of quality

● I am aware of the Decathlon and my country strategies, in order to determine the important translations.

● From translation customers, I obtain context for the document and information about it's use.
● I ensure translations are translated and validated by me.

● I ensure that the translated documents delivered to the customer meet the quality criteria.
● I use Transline in order to guarantee consistent translations.

● I use SPID in order to edit potential translations in product cards and reach out to the PM.
2. I plan the workload of translation, to answer the needs of my customers on time.

● I schedule and plan my workload (annually, monthly and weekly)

● I follow and manage translation requests on a daily basis (new request, review, delivery)

● I work with the customer to define a delivery date, according to priorities

3. I manage functionally.

● I define and communicate my expectations and have them respected by my suppliers,

colleagues, customers and Campus services (Decathlon terminology, quality, deadlines,

conformity of tools etc)

● I set up an organisation enabling delivery on time and obtain the translators' commitment

4. I am skilled in using and contribute to improving the organisations and tools of my activity.

● I follow training, and then train my colleagues and suppliers. I master and help to

improve translation tools

● I animate the translation process for my country, share it with other countries and

Campus and help drive the improvement

5. I manage my economic activity.

● I negotiate translation rates and services with my suppliers

● I set up an optimized cost organisation

● I track and forecast translation spending

6. I ensure the satisfaction of my customers.

● I survey customer satisfaction regularly

● Depending on the results, I draw up action plans, deploy and monitor them


● Skilled in functional management
● Capable of referencing and managing a supplier panel
● Customer service-oriented and results-driven
● Organised and rigorous with the capacity to take a step back
● Masters their working language as well as English and/or French
● At ease with IT tools.

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Barkarby - Stockholm

Enköpingsvägen 27A
177 44 Järfälla Vägbeskrivning 08-281334 Se sida

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Vi på Decathlon har ett brinnande intresse för sport! Vi är serviceinriktade och har stort fokus på kunden. Vi vill skapa en arbetsplats som är rolig och effektiv och där alla får plats att växa, både i Sverige och utomlands.


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